• Consultation: A consultation is necessary before a treatment. However, it can take place directly before the treatment, in which case only the treatment is payable, so the consultation is effectively free.
  • For a stand alone consultation, the cost is £20.

Shockwave Therapy Machine

Fat Freezing

  • First treatment: £200 per treatment hour (up to 4 areas). Add optional Shockwave therapy for £40.
  • Subsequent treatments: £140 per treatment hour (even if to different areas) for 12 months after the most recent treatment. Add optional shockwave therapy for £40.
  • Belly Buster: First treatment £340; repeat treatments, £280 (this treatment uses up to 8 handles over 2 hours and is the equivalent of 8 areas). Add optional shockwave therapy for £80.
  • Chin: 2 areas £250 (add shockwave for £25), 3 areas £300 (add shockwave for £35); (the chin takes 45 mins per area). The chin is priced completely separately to other areas and the prices are the same for new and existing customers. After a chin treatment you are still classed as a new customer as far as the above pricing is concerned.

What is an area?

An “area” is defined as one specific region which has one handle attached (my machines can use four handles at once). So one area is, for example, the lower abdomen (if it’s small) or the left upper arm. Two areas are lower abdomen left and right or upper and lower abdomen, both sides of the waist, both upper arms etc.  It will be clear during the consultation what the areas are.

I can sometimes combine different treatment areas into the treatment hour at no additional cost, depending on whether it is practical to do so (for example, I need be able to access all areas from the same direction and the areas should not be too close to each other).

During the chin sculpting procedure, it is important that the client remains as still as possible. For this reason I do not combine the chin with any other areas simultaneously.


What is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy, also known as ESWT or Acoustic Wave Therapy, carried out after Fat Freezing is clinically proven to speed up and improve the results. Click here for more information.

fat freezing machine

Shockwave Therapy

  • Cosmetic treatments:
  • £10 / area (measures the palm of a hand or 10cm x 15cm or thereabouts). Most treatments will involve multiple areas so the price varies depending on the total size. Shockwave can be used in conjunction with Fat Freezing to improve the results of a treatment; it can be used to treat cellulite, it can be used to improve the appearance of scars and stretchmarks and it can be used to tighten skin.Treatment protocols:
    Fat Freezing – one session directly after treatment(s)
    Cellulite / skin tightening / scar and stretchmark revision – 2 treatments per week for 3 to 6 weeks with top up treatments 1 week and 12 weeks after the last treatment.
Shockwave Therapy Machine


Full HIFU Face & Neck Lift £400
Forehead only (brow lift) £150
Decolletage (upper chest) £200
Upper arms from £350
Inner thighs from £400
Buccal fat (chubby cheeks) reduction £400
Neck and chin only £250
Abdominal skin tightening from £400
Face, neck and decolletage (upper chest) £600


3d HIFU facelift machine

Electro Magnetic Body Sculpting (HIEMT)

Series of 4 treatments
(when paid up front)



Series of 6 treatments (when paid up front)


Top up treatments as required £55 each


Body Treatment

Number of body treatments can be 4 (2 per week over 2 weeks) or 6 (2 per week over 3 weeks)


Pelvic Floor Treatment

Pelvic floor requires 6 treatments, 2 per week over 3 weeks.

Plasma Pen (Fibroblast)

Upper eyes including crows feet £170
Lower eyes including crows feet £170
Neck lift £300
Jowls £300
Frown lines £150
Frown and forehead lines £300
Smokers lines £170
Nasolabial folds £170
Marionette lines £170
Smokers / nasolabial folds / marionette lines £300
Abdomen Quotation depending on size of area
Under arms Quotation depending on size of area
Skin tag / cyst / blemish removal £120

I do not remove moles unless a medical professional has confirmed it is safe to do so.

If you have more than one treatment during the same session, prices will be lower as much of the time is spent waiting for the local anaesthetic cream to work, although I do not combine upper and lower eyes due to swelling.


plaxel plasma pen

Fractional RF (Radio Frequency) Microneedling

Full face and neck £220 (or 3 for £600, 4 for £700)
Upper Arms £220 (or 3 for £600, 4 for £700)
Abdomen (skin tightening and stretch marks) £300-£600
Inner thighs £300-£400

Note that 3-4 treatments are required for best results, with around 4 – 6 weeks between each treatment.

fractional rf microneedling (radio frequency)


Full face £120
Full face and neck £130
Stretch marks £200
Hands £120
Scars Quotation depending on the size of the scar




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