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Cryolipolysis is the only FDA-approved, non-surgical fat freezing treatment that removes fat cells, with no downtime, so most people can return to normal activities straight away. Cryolipolysis is also known under the trade name Coolsculpting.

Proven Results - just a single session can reduce fat in the treated areas by 20% - 40%

Reference: Bernstein, E. F. (2013), Longitudinal evaluation of cryolipolysis efficacy: two case studies. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, 12: 149–152.

Fat Freezing Freezes and Eliminates Stubborn Fat

The Fat Freezing procedure safely delivers precisely controlled cooling which effectively targets the fat cells underneath the skin. The cooling process freezes the fat cells and leaves them crystallised, which leads to the death of the fat cells. The cells are consumed by specialist white blood cells in the lymphatic system called macrophages and processed by the liver before excretion. Over time, your body eliminates the dead cells leaving you with a new, sculpted outline.

Fat cells die at a warmer temperature than other cell types, so other cells, such as muscle cells, are not affected. An antifreeze pad is placed over the area to be treated before treatment to protect the surface layer of the skin and prevent ice burns.

Note that Fat Freezing is also known under the tradenames Coolsculpting, 3D Lipo and Lipoglaze.



Other services we offer:

  • (HIFU – standing for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. It’s a non-surgical face lift that is particularly good at lifting the jaw line, making the cheek bones better defined and lifting the brow.
  • Plasma Pen (fibroblast). This is a non-surgical treatment that can tighten skin anywhere on the face or body, and is particularly suited to upper and lower eye lifts and tackling loose skin around the mouth and on the neck.
  • Microneedling (collagen induction therapy). This treatment renews the skin to lessen wrinkles and reduce pore size giving a more velvety complexion after 3 or 4 treatments. This therapy is also good for tackling scars including burns and acne scarring.
  • Thread Vein removal  – this pain free, needle free, non-invasive procedure is done with a state of the art 980nm laser.
  • Fractional RF Microneedling – this is the non-surgical face lift that Andy Murray’s mum, Judy, had. (She had the version under the brand name Morpheus8 whereas I use a generic machine). It is a minimally invasive procedure that combines microneedling and radio frequency in one sterile cartridge that creates tiny wounds at various predetermined depths in the dermis. The healing process creates new collagen to renew and tighten the skin, reducing wrinkles and improving the texture of the skin.
  • High Intensity Focused Electromagnetism (HIFEM) / High Intensity Electromagnetic Therapy (HIEMT) – this is also known under the brand names EMSculpt (for body toning treatments) and EMSella for pelvic floor toning treatments.

Where to find us

Teesside Fat Freezing is part of Teesside Aesthetics Ltd which includes Teesside HIFU and Teesside Plasma Pen and is based in Yarm, Stockt on-on-Tees which is just off the A19 (see the adjacent location map). We are ideally situated to treat people from all the surrounding areas, including Stockton-on-Tees, Middlesbrough, Ingleby Barwick, Billingham, Redcar, Maaske, Barnard Castle, Bishop Aucklands, Sedgefield, Darlington, Newton Aycliffe, Hexham, Durham, Northallerton, Thirsk, Stokesley, Newcastle, Sunderland, York, Middlesbrough, Hartlepool and the surrounding villages.