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HIFU Yarm - the Fabulous Face Lift in Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees

HIFU face lifts in Yarm, Stockton-on-Tees have been carried out at Teesside Fat Freezing for the past six years, and this procedure is one of a choice of non surgical skin tightening procedures that we offer. All treatments are carried out by Mandy, who has been running the clinic now for the past 7 years, making this the best place in Yarm for this procedure.

What are the benefits of a HIFU face lift?

Benefits include:

  • Reduction of expression lines, wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes
  • Lifting a sagging jawline to enhance the definition of the face
  • Lifting and tightening skin on the neck
  • Enhancing the definition of the cheeks, in particular making the cheekbones more pronounced
  • Providing a brow lift and reducing wrinkles on the forehead
  • Providing tightening, lifting and reducing sagging skin on the neck
  • On certain settings, HIFU can be used to reduce fat in the cheeks (buccal fat) and under the chin.

HIFU face lift on young woman with excess fat around chin and jaw laxity

Can HIFU be used anywhere else on the body?

HIFU can also be used to tighten skin in other places on the body, such as the abdomen, upper arms, inner thighs and decolletage.

Using the cartridges that penetrate more deeply, HIFU can be used to lessen fat on most areas of the body, although fat freezing, if appropriate, is usually cheaper and more effective.

How many treatments will I need and how long does it take to see the results?

HIFU is usually a single treatment, but in certain circumstances it can be repeated after a minimum of 6 weeks. The final result of the face lift is not seen for 3-6 months, although improvements usually start to become evident at around 6 weeks after the initial treatment.

The treatment lasts between one to two years – it usually lasts longer in younger skin and less time in older skin, although the procedure can be carried out on anyone from 30 to their early 60s. It can be carried out beyond this time but the results become less predictable.

How long does the HIFU treatment take?

I am very thorough with my face lifts, and treatments can take around 2 hours to complete. Do not confuse the service I provide with other providers. I am a perfectionist and just wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t do everything I could to get you the best results possible.

What is the aftercare?

All the HIFU aftercare information is available here.

Does it hurt?

I set the power levels to suit your tolerance, but it’s best to take a couple of paracetamol beforehand just to knock the edge off any discomfort. It feels a bit like a rubber band being twanged on your skin. It’s not that any one part is painful, it’s just that after a while you can lose a bit of tolerance. The results are worth it though, I would say this treatment has a 90% level of satisfaction.

How does it work?

HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. In essence, high energy sound waves are targetted at 3 depths in the skin, 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm. The sound waves heat the areas where they are targetted, causing thermal damage (i.e. a mild burn). This in turn stimulates the production of collagen and elastin by the wound healing process to repair and regrow new skin, which firms and lifts the skin and underlying tissue. The HIFU face lift goes deeper into the facial tissue than any other non surgical facial procedure. You can read more about how this treatment works here.

Is it safe?

The treatment is completely safe for all skin types, including darker skins, when carried out by a fully trained professional. Side effects are minimal but can include redness, bruising, swelling and a little aching around the jaw line afterwards. Note that HIFU will dissolve fillers and thread lifts so make sure that this isn’t a problem for you before booking a treatment.

Are there any side effects?

Usually side effects are minimal, but they can include redness and occasionally bruising. Sometimes you can be aware that you’ve had the treatment due minimal discomfort in your jaw post treatment.

Where does the HIFU treatment take place?

In my Yarm based clinic, which is convenient for all of Teesside including Stockton-on-Tees, Middlesbrough, Darlington, Stokesley, Hutton Rudby and the surrounding areas.

What other facial skin care treatments do you offer?

The treatment is completely safe for all skin types, including darker skins, when carried out by a fully trained professional. Side effects are minimal but can include redness, bruising, swelling and a little aching around the jaw line afterwards.

I also offer:

  • microneedling
  • fractional radio frequency microneedling (similar to the brand names Morpheus8, 3D Dermaforce and others, although I use a generic machine)
  • plasma pen fibroblast

You can contact me directly if you have any questions, or click here to book directly online.

HIFU Yarm Stockton on Tees – Before & After Photos

HIFU face lift before and after photo
HIFU face lift before and after photo

I’ve been to other clinics for HIFU, but none took as much care and time as you did. You’re the best!

Carol P.

HIFU Face Lift Before and After Photo - 3 and a half months between the images
HIFU face lift before and after photo
HIFU face lift before and after photo
HIFU before and after
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