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The Belly Buster®

The “Belly Buster®” is my top of the range treatment for reducing abdominal fat. It is appropriate when there is sufficient abdominal fat to make use of up to 4 handles (areas) per hour, allowing an asymmetrical treatment over two sessions that aims to cover the entire front of the abdomen, ie upper fat, lower fat and sides.

The treatment costs £360 or £420 when combined with shockwave therapy which speeds up and improves the results. Not only does this treatment offer unbeatable results, it also offers unbeatable value. It is unmatched in terms of the amount of fat it can treat in one setting, meaning I can provide respectable results to clients who were previously considered too large for fat freezing. I’m so proud of the treatment I had to trademark it to prevent it being copied. One half of the treatment is shown in the adjacent image. The other half of the treatment is the mirror image. So it’s 4 handles per session over 2 sessions making a total of 8 handles (areas).

If so desired, areas can be swapped out to treat other parts of the body (as long as they are accessible from the front). So you can have, for example, your arms or inner thighs or both your arms and inner thighs treated if you didn’t want the maximum number of handles on the abdomen. The choice is yours and you can decide during the consultation exactly what combination you’d like. 

One of the benefits of the Belly Buster® is that not only do you target more fat in one sitting, but you also get an overlap at the waist for a more defined silhouette.

Interestingly, applying many handles at once also increases the amount of fat that is removed. It increases a metabolic process known as Lipid Peroxidation, which is a process that leads to the destruction of fat cells (ref: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36552200/). The results are improved still further if Shockwave (Acoustic Wave Therapy) is performed after the fat freezing.

The Belly Buster® two sessions, 8 areas, 4 per session

Belly Buster – First Session

Second session

Belly Buster – Second Session

The “4 in an hour” Abdomen Treatment

This is another option – four medium handles in one hour treating the upper and lower abdomen. This treatment is ideal for people with less abdominal fat who don’t need the full Belly Buster. This treatment is just one session and costs £200 or £240 when combined with shockwave therapy.

These are the main abdominal treatments carried out, but they are not exclusive. I can personalise treatments for clients who wish to target any abdominal area, be it upper or lower, as we are all different and there is usually a treatment to suit. The exact treatment plan will be worked out according to your preferences at the consultation. The consultation is necessary before any treatment, but it is included free if it takes place directly before treatment.

Belly Buster® is a registered trademark of Teesside Aesthetics Ltd trading as Teesside Fat Freezing.

one session 4 areas

One Session

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