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Mons Pubis - Can the fat on the pubic mound be frozen?

Yes, it can. In fact, it has been my experience that fat freezing works really well on the pubic mound. On average, with fat freezing, you lose 20-30% of the fat that gets cooled between the metal plates of the handles. However, with fat freezing results are often better than that – the result to the right shows a before and after of one of my clients after just one treatment. It’s not just for women either – this is a problem area that affects men too.

If you suffer from excess fat in this region, you will know that it’s virtually impossible to get rid of it with diet and exercise alone – and that’s where fat freezing comes in. It’s totally non-invasive and without downtime and you can have as many treatments as you want, although I’ve never had to do more than two or three in this particular area.

In general, the treatment reaches peak popularity just before the summer holiday season, with people starting to feel a bit self conscious about that unflattering bulge in their swimwear. It’s best to be prepared because it takes in the region of 12 weeks after the last treatment to see the final result. The optimum time for a retreatment is at 4-6 weeks after the previous treatment.

How does fat freezing get rid of fat on the mons pubis?

Fat freezing cools the fat cells to temperatures at which they crystallize and die in a process called apoptosis (programmed cell death). Specialist white blood cells in the lymphatic system called macrophages (from the Greek macro, meaning big and phage, meaning eater) consume the dead and dying fat cells are they are processed by the liver with other dead cells and waste matter.

It should be noted that fat cells killed in this way are excreted and gone forever. As long as you don’t gain weight the pubic mound will not be a problem area in the future – and even if you do gain weight, it will remain smaller than it would otherwise have been.


Mons pubis pubic mound fat freezing before and after
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