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Plagen (Plaxel +) Plasma Pen - New!!

The Plagen (Plaxel +) Plasma pen is a non surgical skin tightening system that employs the latest technology to make it a true plasma pen and it provides great results without excessive trauma to the skin.

The treatment does not leave scabs like other plasma pen treatments – it leaves white dots with a tiny central carbon core. Healing is easier than with the traditional scabs associated with other plasma pens. This plasma pen system minimises the risk of PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

See the photo to the right for a typical healing process.

What areas can be treated?

  • Upper and lower eyelids
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Crows feet 
  • Brow lift 
  • Lip flip
  • Smoker’s lip
  • Partial facelift (a full facelift is possible but I would prefer to do this over separate days) 
  • Neck lift
  • Jowl lift
  • Scarring, including surgical scars, acne scars and other general scars (but NOT keloid scars)
  • Stretch marks (once the stretch marks are pale)
  • Pigmentation such as age spots but not melasma caused by pregnancy.

What is the healing process?

  1. Immediately after treatment there are tiny white dots on the skin, with even smaller brown carbon crusts in the centre. Only true plasma pens display dots such as these. Swelling may be experienced, especially around the eye area, for 1- 2 days post treatment and it quickly resolves thereafter. Directly after treatment I apply Clinisept Skin + aftercare, which removes the white deposits straight away.
  2. During the next two days the carbon crusts appear and red dots will be more visible. The carbon crusts are completely different to the superficial scabs left by other pens. After 48 hours, a water-based concealer may be used if desired.
  3. On day 3 the carbon crusts rise to the surface of the skin. The crusts normally fall off by days 6 or 7, or longer on body treatments or clients who don’t heal quite as quickly.

How many treatments are needed?

Often a single treatment can cause a great improvement, but the number of treatments in general depends on:

  • The amount of skin laxity
  • The way the client heals and the client’s lifestyle and genetics.

How long do the results last?

The results don’t wear off like botox injections or filler – they put what I call a “loop in the timeline”. So your skin ages, it has this procedure, then continues to age. However, when the treatment has “worn off”, the skin is still tighter than it would have been had it been allowed to age without intervention. 

So how long to the results last? It can be 18 months or longer, but again it depends on the client, the client’s age, lifestyle, genetics and other factors. In general though, it’s fair to say that the older you are, the less time the results last. Also if you smoke or get a sun tan, the results will not last as long. Both smoking and a tan (unless it’s fake) cause the skin to age more quickly. 

What is the aftercare?

Check out the aftercare here.


Initial results can be sometimes be seen early but it takes around two months or longer for the collagen to fully build and the final results to be visible.



Plagen Plaxel Plus Plasma Pen

The amazing healing and results from my new Plagen #plasmapen (formerly called Plaxel+). The photo shows an eye lift but skin tightening can be performed all over the face and body. Bookings are available now. #fibroblast #eyelift #nonsurgicaleyelift #skintightening #skintighteningtreatment #yarm #teesside

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Plagen Plaxel Plus Healing Process
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