HIFU Body Lift

HIFU isn’t just for the face, HIFU Body Lifts can also produce amazing results. HIFU can be used either for skin tightening or for fat reduction. It is an effective, non-surgical treatment which can be a great way of tightening skin on the body, including the decolletage, abdomen, inner thighs and upper arms.

HIFU Skin Tightening on the Tummy

The skin on the abdomen can become looser as we age, due to pregnancy, sun exposure, weight loss, smoking, lifestyle and hormonal changes. Some people have naturally more elastic skin than others, and for people whose skin is less elastic, the changes in the once taut skin can be troubling. It’s not just fat that can hide the definition of the abdominal muscles, loose skin can also cause this concern.

HIFU Skin Tightening on the Decolletage

The decolletage can be a much neglected area of the body – it it prone to sun damage and yet is often not moisturised and protected with sun tan creams the way the face is.

HIFU Skin Tightening on the Inner Thighs and Upper Arms

This article contains a lovely before and after photo of skin tightening to the upper arms. This was a single treatment, although it should be noted that people heal differently and some people get better results than others. 

How does it work?

HIFU works by targeting layers of the skin with focused, high intensity ultrasound waves, which stimulates collagen and elastin production within the layers of the skin.  This effectively regrows newer looking skin and improves its appearance.

On the face, usually the HIFU treatment is a singular affair (lasting 12-18 months), although if desired the treatment can be repeated after a minimum of 6 weeks. However, on the body, anything between one to three treatments may be required dependent on the amount of skin laxity. Extremely loose skin, such as that caused by a very dramatic weight loss, is unlikely to be satisfactorily addressed by non surgical treatments.

How long do the results take?

The final results of HIFU take 3-6 months to develop, although sometimes a slight improvement can be seen straight away.

What other skin tightening treatments do you offer?

Other skin tightening treatments include plasma pen (fibroblast) and fractional radio frequency microneedling.

Can HIFU also be used on the body for fat reduction?

Yes, but where fat freezing is appropriate that is my preferred treatment, as it is the gold standard of non surgical fat reduction. Nevertheless, HIFU has its place and is a great treatment where the fat is a little stiff for fat freezing, or on smaller areas where precision is key. I have also used it on the face to successfully reduce buccal (cheek) fat.

Fat freezing, whilst a great treatment for double chins, cannot be used on buccal fat as that is not an approved area. Conversely, HIFU can also be used as a treatment for a double chin, using custom parameters, as part of a HIFU face lift.


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Arms before and after one treatment of HIFU
4d hifu machine

3D HIFU Machine

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