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Back and Bra Fat

Back fat and bra fat are also popular areas for fat freezing. Often after someone has had their waist frozen around the front, it’s nice to get a complete result by freezing the waist at the back too. Bra fat is another area – it’s the area where fat can bulge either side of your bra, restricting the sort of clothes you might want to wear.

The picture on the right shows the handles positioned during a standard back fat treatment. Usually either the medium or large handles are used for this treatment, depending on the amount of fat available, its softness, and the frame size of the client. I customise the treatment for every single client dependant on these parameters, but I also try the largest handles where possible as this will lead to the best result.

The second photo shows a before and after of a back fat treatment. This before and after shows the result of just one treatment, but it was a particularly good result. The number of treatments you will need will depend on how much fat there is to begin with, what result you will be happy with and how your body responds to the treatment – on average you lose 20-30% of the fat that goes into the handles but actual results can be better or worse than this average.

For clients with smaller frames / less fat, I can use a mixture of small and medium handles or sometimes even just the “chin” handle for reducing the smaller fat bulge between the underarms and the vertical bra strap at the front.

Applying multiple handles in this way increases a metabolic process known as Lipid Peroxidation, which is a process that leads to the destruction of more fat cells overall. The results are further improved still further if Shockwave (Acoustic Wave Therapy) is performed after the fat freezing.

A standard hour’s treatment of up to 4 areas (handles) costs £200, or £240 when combined with shockwave therapy, which speeds up and improves the results. 

Back Fat Treatment (one hour, four areas)
Back Fat one treatment

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