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Bum Lift

The non surgical bum lift, a safe alternative to the Brazilian Bum Lift,  offered by Teesside Fat Freezing is performed using Electro Magnetic Therapy to lift the bottom. I believe this to be the most effective way of achieving a safe, lasting, non surgical lift of the muscles in the bottom. It is completely safe, unlike the surgical Brazilian Bum Lift, promoted by celebrities and influencers.

How does an Electro Magnetic Therapy non surgical bum lift work?

The Electro Magnetic Therapy (HIEMT – High Intensity Electro-magnetic Therapy) bum lift treatment exercises the muscles in the bottom supramaximally for half an hour with 20,000 muscle contractions. A supramaximal muscle contraction uses one hundred percent of the muscle for one hundred percent of the time. A series of 4 or 6 treatments over 2 or 3 weeks is broadly equivalent to working out at the gym for six months (in terms of muscle gain, not overall fitness).

Does this really work?

Yes, the before and after photo below shows the result on my own bum. Anyone who has been to my clinic will know that I only perform treatments that I have tried out on myself (or my husband) first and that are backed up by photographic evidence and clinical evidence of their efficacy.

Who will benefit from the treatment?

Anyone who is around the correct weight for their height, who would like to have a more toned and lifted bottom.

How long does it last?

Assuming you don’t put in any extra effort to maintain the results, the bum lift will last in the region of 5-6 months. With tops up every few months the results can be maintained indefinitely.

Is there any downtime?

None whatsoever – you can get on with your normal activities straight after treatment. Also the machines are specially programmed to disperse lactic acid, so you are unlikely to have any soreness afterwards.

Is there anyone who can’t have the bum lift treatment?

It’s fine for most people, but you can’t have it if you have any metallic or electrical implants in your body (such as a copper coil or a pace maker), or a condition such as epilepsy. A full consultation takes place before treatment to make sure it’s right for you.

Bum lift - Before and After Photo

Bum lift before and after photo

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