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Chin Fat Freezing - improvement in the appearance of a "double chin"

Fat Freezing is a safe and effective way of reducing the amount of fat under the chin, known as as “double chin”. You can either have a 2 area chin (usually suited to people with smaller heads or less fat to target) or a 3 area chin (usually suited to people with larger heads or more fat to target). The applicator sucks in the fat and cools it to levels at which some of the fat cells die – they are then, over time excreted by the body.

The procedure can be a little uncomfortable when the handle is applied but it is not painful.

Before treatment

Men should shave before treatment to ensure the applicator gets the best suction possible.

During treatment

You will not be able to eat or drink. Also it’s best not to talk too much to avoid dislodging the chin handle.

After treatment

The chin may be red, swollen and / or bruised. There may also be some numbness or tingling. These side effects will resolve without any problems, although it’s possible for numbness to last a few weeks.

You usually start to notice a difference at around 4-6 weeks and see the final results at around 12 weeks, but some people see results more quickly than this. Often only one treatment is needed (the adjacent photos, which come from genuine clients show the results of just one photo). However, if you have a lot of fat initially or the response is less marked then there is always the option of an addional treatment if you want a more dramatic result.

Typical side effects include redness, bruising, tenderness, numbness and swelling but they all resolve without issue. There is no downtime and you can get on with your day afterwards without restrictions.


Shockwave therapy is available as an optional extra. Shockwave speeds up and improves the results of chin fat freezing.

Book online

You can book this treatment online here.

Note: A two area chin is suited to smaller areas of fat or smaller heads. A three chin is more suited to larger areas of fat or larger heads.

fat freezing on the chin before and after photo -female
fat freezing on the chin before and after photo - male
coolsculpting of the chin
coolsculpting of the chin
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