for the body you’ve always dreamed of

Price List

  • Consultation: Free
  • First treatment: £200 (two areas simultaneously)
  • Subsequent treatments: £100 (even to different areas)

What is an area?

An “area” is defined as one specific region which has one handle attached (my machine can use two handles at once). So one area is, for example, the lower abdomen or the left upper arm. Two areas are upper and lower abdomen, both sides of the waist, both upper arms etc.

My machine is a very modern one which can do two areas at once if required.  The charging is per hour, £200 for the first hour and £100 for subsequent hours, so treatments which use two handles offer incredibly good value, as you get two areas for the price of one. It also means that you spend less time sitting in a chair or lying on a bed in my lovely treatment room!