for the body you’ve always dreamed of

Price List and Opening Hours

  • Consultation: Free
  • First treatment: £200 (two areas simultaneously)
  • Subsequent treatments: £100 (even to different areas)
  • Chin: New customers 1 area: £200, 2 areas £275; for existing customers, 1 area: £150, 2 areas £225.

What is an area?

An “area” is defined as one specific region which has one handle attached (my machines can use two or four handles at once). So one area is, for example, the lower abdomen (if it’s small) or the left upper arm. Two areas are lower abdomen left and right or upper and lower abdomen, both sides of the waist, both upper arms etc.  It will be clear during the consultation what the areas are.

Just because I can use four or even six handles at once, doesn’t always mean it’s a good idea to. For example, if treating a flabby tummy, it may be preferable to do treatments of two areas twice, to get overlaps on the waist for a more alluring silhouette. During the consultation I will work out a treatment for you, given your preferences and what you would like to achieve. The charging is per two areas so there is never any pressure to have more that two areas done at once to save time.

During the chin sculpting procedure, it is important that the client remains as still as possible. For this reason I do not combine the chin with any other areas simultaneously.

Opening Hours

I am available at hours to suit you. Late evening and weekend appointments are not a problem.